Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WEEK 9 --Thing 20 , Thing 21 , Thing 22 and finally Thing 23

My favorite parts of this journey....Flickr, avatars, wikis, the videos and the slide shows. That sounds like a lot.
I am not sure how it has affected my lifelong learning goals yet. However, I have reminded myself, how little I know, and how much moe there is to know. Which is what lifelong learning is all about. So I am good with this.
A surprise...even me.... a tech novice, am able.
The program must have been pretty good, for me to have gotten through it ralatively unscathed, thus offering myself up for another learning experience.
The experience was very rewarding. I am able.

I am downloading Angels and Demonds from NetLibrary, through CCPL. However,I do not have a portable media device with me. In this library location, where most people have a dial-up connection, if they have any, it would take 10.5 hours to download this title in CD quality. Is anyone that patient? There are 296 popular fiction titles.
OverDrive offered 1762 titles in General Fiction.
When I asked our reference librarian which of these two formats were easiers, she recommended NetLibrary.

I have just visited the Merlin podcasting learning link. I went to OPAL, online programming for all libraries. I like the idea of podcasting, but I prefer video when experiencing a presentation. I'm excited about the ways libraries can share information using all of these tools.I am still going to hunt for some small library strategic plans.

I looked at Yahoo Podcast and found it difficult to find RSS feeds. I then visited Podcastalley.com. I did not care for it. I then visited Podcast.net. On this I found a feed to Sea World. I had found this podcast on the other sites, but did not see how to add the feed to my bloglines. Podcast.net was easier.

I chose this video because I have a brown tabby cat, Belle. However, she stays indoors. I know that she would love to frolic like Bailey and Ayla, the stars of this
Being able to see how other libraries are designed would be useful. I am in a 2000 square foot space. To actually see how other small libraries are designed via YouTube, would be excellent.
Feline Frolics

Saturday, July 21, 2007

WEEK 8--Thing 18 and Thing 19

I visited the Web 2.0 awards list. I chose to visit the YouTube site which won the award for videos. The only exposure I have had to this site was at a recent strategic planning meeting.
There is certainly alot happening on this site. You can type in any subject matter, and this is how I got to the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, North Carolina site. For their 23 Things, everyone who finished received an MP3 player, with a chance to win a laptop. Cool!! The advantage to shared information, always a good tool for libraries.

Beats Me.....
I just don't know yet the benefit of the ZohoWriter program.. However, I will be patient, and see what I learn. This post was created in the program. I clicked on the publish button.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

WEEK 7--Thing 16 and Thing 17

First, a comment about wikis. I understand the pros and cons. In certain environments, open wikis are a great way to be exposed to alot of information. In a library environment, however, where reliable sources are necessary, I'm not quite convinced.

Well, I have spent quite a bit of time exploring wikis. I like the possiblities of using wikis for training. I was actually hoping to discover information in one that discusses staff training, in particular consistency in public service. I do think a wiki is a good place for this. I like that our strategic plan working document is on the wiki. The advantages over the email system is apparent. In the library world, taking advantage of what other libraries have learned is always a good thing. It is exciting that so many minds can converge on one topic and ultimately produce a best practice product.

I visited the Maryland Libraries Sandbox and added my blog to Favorite Blogs page. I am not too excited about this section.

I am not happy about what has happened after visiting Maryland Libraries Sandbox. Now I am receiving emails from everyone who is editing. How can I stop this? Does anyone know?

Thank you, Lynn, for reading the screen, and teaching me how to stop the emails and have my link in Favorite Blogs actually work. We are, indeed, a learning library!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WEEK 6 -Thing 13, Thing 14 and Thing 15

Well, here I am, playing catch up once again. I created a Del.icio.us account. A social bookmarking site is a wonderful idea for some people. However, I do not spend time socially on the computer. Once I leave work, I am not on the computer, generally, until I arrive at work the next day. It is a wonderful resource, and I am glad that it exists. At this time, being on the computer as a social activity is just not me.

I visited Technorati, and searched "Learning 2.0" There were 23,624 blog posts, 3 hits in the tag search, although videos and photos were included, and 74 hits in a directory search. Subject matter include loads of techie stuff, with exceptions of Harry Potter and Paris Hilton. Even they are able to break through "geekville."

I found this very interesting. It is truly amazing how libraries are evolving!!! Take a look at this map was taken from Wikipedia. Click this link.

London Aquarium

London Aquarium
Originally uploaded by .koltregaskes
Here's the photo I talked about in an earlier post.

Meez again

Michelle wanted to do a less conservative me so here I am again . . .


So after being persuaded by Michelle I have played with Meez and come up with an avatar.
Here I am . . .